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Yellow/Green/Black Belt Training & Certification in Melbourne

Lean Six Sigma Training in Melbourne
​​​Richter Consulting Group of Melbourne Australia Kaizen Lean Six Sigma Breakthrough Strategic Business Improvement Optimization Transformation Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt Coaching Mentoring Training and Certification Programs Melbourne Australia


Lean Six Sigma Yellow/Green/Black Belt Training & Certification in Melbourne

Lean Six Sigma Training in Melbourne​ As one of Melbourne's leading Strategic Business Improvement Consulting Groups @ Richter Consulting Group (RCG), we are passionate about delivering world class breakthrough strategic Kaizen Lean Six Sigma process and customer service outcomes, coaching training mentoring and reskilling your teams in Lean optimisation methods and tools

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​​​​​​M +61 417766611

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Richter Consulting Group partners with organisations to achieve maximum efficiency and operating savings through the implementation of continuous improvement (C.I) & Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma best practice programmes, strategic redesign, alignment and deployment programmes with I.T.I.L-V3 technology automation systems to statistically quantify your existing base line capability and visualising the strategy and deployment strategy moving forward.

Richter Consulting Group Kaizen Lean Six Sigma breakthrough strategic business improvement transformation, strategic management and training certification consultants is a management consulting organization specialising in leading edge strategic and systems implementation practically focused on addressing the inefficiencies and achieving “best in class” cost positions and people capability.

  • An informed and collaborative approach

Richter Consulting Group Kaizen Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt training certification programs, we work closely with other leading best practice, development and training consultants who are at the forefront of business strategy optimisation to achieve significant operational economies, practical and sustainable change to the business that will change the way your team members engage within the business.

Re-skilling your team members - that achieves knowledge transfer that remains with the organisation

This is achieved by reskilling and empowering your team members with these best practice methods, tool kits and project management disciplines to create lasting cultural and sustainable change within the organisation.

  • How can we improve your organisation?

Richter Consulting Group's team have a track record of implementing strategically identified process improvement and customer service programmes in a range of diverse industry sectors and 24/7 time critical organisations.

The portability of the RCG Kaizen Lean Six Sigma methodologies and systems automation allows us to exceed customer expectations on projects that will take cost out of a process and customer service function in added capacity back into the organisation.

For each project, we partner with small teams (typically 3 to 5) from your business to deliver strategically identified core projects on time, with a low budget and achieving significant "hard cost savings" attaining maximum team member engagement that your customers will notice immediately !

  • We have extensive experience with identifying your critical business "customer service drivers"

Utilising Kano Model techniques and QFD tools to flush out the critical VOC / CTC / CTQ analysis and performance metrics to redesign and realign your strategic vision and operational plans also utilising and incorporating Hoshin Kanri X Matrix techniques to create and align your ongoing strategic and innovation vision to align with your continuous improvement (C.I) or Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) deployment programs utilising Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we also include in our base line capability reviews, full identification and integration of BSC and BRM techniques to achieve genuine ROI cost recovery and deliver best practice metric based performance and customer service outcomes, please refer to the attached link below for a detailed overview of these best practice assessment tools to flush out your business critical "metric based drivers" and benchmarking analysis techniques to align to your overall strategic and vision plans, click the following link for more detail

  • "Know Your Customer" Hit the picture link below to review some of our best practice Voice of the customer systems

Many global best practice organizations utilize the above assessment analysis and statistical modelling tools to create the true Customer picture and strategy that will deliver greater sales and vastly improved customer service and quality outcomes. 

  • We have developed "proprietary based" dedicated Tool Kits and Dashboard Tracking Systems that achieve maximum engagement and rapid change with all installed tools and systems remain within your organization

We have trailed and developed extensive "best practice" tool kit systems and automated tracking systems to assist with the identification of core issues that will assist with the implementation and the achievement of rapid change with your team members learning how to deploy these proprietary developed tools and dashboard systems to achieve maximum engagement and hard cost savings from our strategically identified projects. These tools, systems and methods remain with you after the completion of the transformation program  

Our group offers unique R.O.I hard cost savings with our "best practice" operational excellence transformation and change management programmes to most diverse industry organisations large and small throughout the Asia Pacific Regions.

  • We offer our first meeting session of consulting advice free to allow you to thoroughly understand what is Kaizen Lean and Six Sigma best practice performance and achievable outcomes by demonstrating our diverse industry exposures that have achieved successful deployment, engagement, transformation and cultural change programmes

For an obligation free discussion on your strategic and operational realignment covering process and customer service, customer experience, supply chain, statistical big data visualisation and transformation and engagement challenges, please contact us free call on +61 417766611 or by email  


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Richter Consulting Group Kaizen Lean Six Sigma Breakthrough Strategic Business Improvement Transformation MELBOURNE aUSTRALIA

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